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Trump Warns That US Will Attack 52 Targets ” VERY FAST AND HARD” If Iran Dares To Retaliate For General’s Killing

United States President Donal Trump warns that US will attack 52 targets in Iran United States President Trump has warned that the US is “targeting” 52 Iranian sites and will strike “very fast and very hard” if Tehran attacks Americans or US assets. The BBC reports that the president’s remarks followed the US assassination of Qasem Soleimani, a top Iranian… Read More
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Iranian General Qasem Soleimani killed in US airstrike

Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by a US airstrike ordered by President Donald Trump at Baghdad International Airport on Friday, was hailed as a hero in Iran — brave, charismatic and beloved by the troops. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, once called him a “living martyr of the revolution.” But the United States viewed Iran’s top general as a… Read More
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Video: Man smokes weed on a plane – Jet Makes Emergency Landing

aa An American Airlines jet made an unscheduled landing on Friday after a passenger lit up a joint of weed and got super aggro. The plane was going from Phoenix to Minneapolis, but an hour into the flight the pilot went on the intercom and said they had to make an emergency landing in Denver because of “a security issue… Read More
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Trump Names Robert O’Brien as National Security Adviser

© Michael Campanella/Getty ImagesPresident Trump named Robert C. O’Brien as his new national security adviser, picking a top hostage-affairs official for the high-profile White House role. Mr. Trump tweeted the announcement Wednesday morning, writing “I have worked long & hard with Robert. He will do a great job!” Mr. O’Brien takes the job just as Mr. Trump faces a number… Read More
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How America’s First Digitally Operated Reactor Could Push Nuclear Technology Forward

All nuclear plants in the U.S. have run on analog technology—until now. The Purdue University Reactor Number One (PUR-1) has officially transitioned from analog to digital. PUR-1 is tiny, with only enough power to run a toaster. That makes it a perfect test subject for running a plant digitally. The potential for the project includes greater communication for plants, and the ability… Read More
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EU Ambassador registers displeasure at Zimbabwe state media savage attacks on US Envoy

The European Union (EU) Ambassador to Zimbabwe Timo Olkkonen has described apparent attacks by the State media on the US Ambassador as ‘insulting and in extremely bad taste’. Tweeting on Saturday (31 August 2019) Olkkonen referred to an article in the Saturday Herald titled “A tale of two Jay-Zs…A drunken mosquito and the cold tits of a witch” On other… Read More
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Video: At least 5 people killed, 21 injured in Midland-Odessa shooting in West Texas

Odessa police said the suspect hijacked a mail truck and was “driving around Odessa shooting at random people.”Sunday, September 1, 2019 1:29PMODESSA, Texas — At least 5 people are dead after a shooting that spanned the West Texas cities of Midland and Odessa on Saturday afternoon, according to Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke. A total of 21 people were shot,… Read More