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Thomas Mapfumo: I don’t want to be buried at Heroes Acre please

ZIMBABWE’S Chimurenga music maestro Thomas Tafirenyika Mapfumo has said he does not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre when he dies because the place has lost significance. Mapfumo, who is known for taking no prisoners when it comes to uttering what he wants, says the ruling Zanu-PF party had personalized the national monument such that only those… Read More
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Video: Thomas Mapfumo rubbished Mugabe hero status & Zanu PF tendency

Thomas Mapfumo tonight reflecting on Robert Mugabe’s legacy. He was interviewed by journalist @LanceGuma. Mapfumo shared snippets of his experience when he came home last year. He said Bulawayo looked like a Western movie Town with horses/donkeys tied to trees.Leadership Failures pic.twitter.com/oSmortloF9 — Hopewell Chin’ono (@daddyhope) September 13, 2019 The Zimbabwean legendary Chimurenga music King, Thomas Mapfumo, says that regardless… Read More