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Chiwenga pins George Charamba against the wall, crushes his foot: “You sold us out!”

By Douglas Rogers The expected resignation speech is an hour late. At 9pm, ZBC goes live to a red carpeted room in State House. The military commanders are shown first, seated left of screen, General Constantino Chiwenga in the same fatigues he wore for his press conference. The mediators, including George Charamba and Mugabe’s friend and spiritual advisor, Catholic priest Father Fidelis Mukonori, are seated… Read More
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OPINION: Mr President, Zimbabwe needs a new narrative

SO, the Health Services Board (HSB) has stood by its commitment not to “brook any nonsense” from the striking junior and middle level doctors? To live up to its threats, the board threatened Thursday to fire the striking doctors – 88 of them – simply because they refused to attend what already looked like a predetermined “disciplinary hearing.” We have… Read More
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The problem in Zimbabwe is that the predecessor is far much better than the successor

Analytical opinions by Wilberforce Nyamutsika The problem in Africa is that the predecessor is far much better than the successor. In terms of economic management Ian Douglas Smith’s racist settler regime managed the full UN ravaged Rhodesian economy than Robert Gabriel Mugabe did the partially Western targeted sanctioned Zimbabwean economy. And Mugabe managed the economy better than Mnangagwa under similar conditions. The judiciary is… Read More
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Patrick Zhuwao spills the beans on Mnangagwa

Nephew to the late former Zimbabwe President, Patrick Zhuwao says President Mnangagwa knew before the death of his uncle, Robert Mugabe, that he did not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre. Writing on his website, Zhuwao revealed that Mnangagwa was made aware of Mugabe’s wishes in early August. Below is the full statement by Zhuwao: Mnangagwa knew… Read More
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Banished from burial; Mnangagwa takes Mugabe honour to parliament

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa, Tuesday honoured the late national hero and former leader, Robert Mugabe by observing a moment of silence before he began his State of the Nation Address (SONA). The event coincided with the President’s official opening of the Second Opening of the Ninth Parliamentary session of Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa requested legislators to rise for a brief meditation in celebration… Read More
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Mnangagwa unleashes gold panners on Mugabe dairy farm, orphanage

Government officials say miners can start prospecting for gold on two farms owned by Mugabe family Farm threat … Former first lady Grace Mugabe faces a backlash from the government for refusing to bury husband at Heroes Acre HARARE – A dairy farm and a children’s orphanage owned by the family of former president Robert Mugabe could soon be overrun… Read More
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REVEALED: Here’s How Robert Mugabe Promised Kasukuwere To Be President

The lateformer President Robert Mugabe promised former cabinet Minister Saviour Kaukuwere that he would become the President of the country after Politiburo member Sydney Sekeramayi has served one term of office. State owned newspaper Sunday reported that Mugabe made the promise to Kasukuwere during a State visit they made in one unnamed South American country. Mugabe is said to have… Read More
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We Are Transferring Properties To Grace Mugabe..ED Sets The Record Straight

Following reports that ZANU intends to turn the blue roof mansion into a museum,President Mnangangwa has set the record straight. Speaking through the Official Ministry of Information Handle,Mnagagwa assured the Mugabe family that they will receive title deeds to their property. Both ZANU PF and the Govt are led by one Principal, President @edmnangagwa. His position regarding properties which are… Read More
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Grace Mugabe to be evicted: Zanu-PF to convert Blue Roof to Museum

The ZANU PF Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu, says the party is deliberating on converting the residence of the Former President, Robert Mugabe, commonly known as the Blue Roof,  to a museum or something that will benefit the party. It emerged during the mourning period of the former president that the Mugabe’s are not the real owners of the imposing… Read More
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PICS: Mugabe buried in steel coffin encased in concrete, family claims people ‘after his body’

THE bizarre burial of Robert Mugabe saw the former Zimbabwean leader interred in a steel-lined coffin under a layer of concrete on Saturday, following a bitter dispute over his resting place between government officials, traditional leaders and family members. By Peta Thorncroft Twenty-two days after he died, the body of the strongman was finally buried next to his home with… Read More