Chamisa-‘Unresolved atrocities threat to Zimbabwe unity’

In a Unity Day message Sunday, Chamisa said despite the signing of the Unity Accord between Zanu and PF Zapu, past atrocities and widening inequality were threatening the society. Writing on Twitter Sunday, the opposition leader said if Zimbabweans were united, they were going to be able to deal with the current economic and political challenges facing the country collectively.… Read More
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‘Army Has Dumped Mnangagwa, Zanu PF Collapsing’ – Moyo

NAIROBI — Exiled former Zimbabwean information minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, claims that factionalism continues to ravage Zanu PF and that the Zimbabwe Defence Force has allegedly dumped President Emmerson Mnangagwa in the southern African nation crippled by hyperinflation. In an exclusive interview with NewsDay newspaper, Moyo claimed that the return of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga from a four-month medical treatment in… Read More
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‘Handina Kuonda Ini’-Fugitive’ Former G40 Minister Shares LATEST Photos

Former cabinet minister and G40 kingpin Professor Jonathan Moyo who is alleged to be a fugitive from justice recently posed for photographs with journalist Violet Gonda. Moyo went into exile in the aftermath of the November 2017 military coup which toppled former President Robert Mugabe and is alleged to be hiding out in Kenya. Source: Online news Read More
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Moyo calls for exhumnation of Joshua Nkomo’s remains and reburial alongside Rhodes

THE former Higher education minister Professor Jonathan Moyo says the late former PF ZAPU leader Joshua Nkomo should be reburied in Matopos where the Ndebele King Mzilikazi’s grave is located. Said Moyo, “With the National Heroes Acre”soiled and confirmed as just a Zanu PF cemetery and thus permanently discredited, arguably, it stands to reason that Matopos, where King Mzilikazi rests,… Read More
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Prof J.Moyo: Mnangagwa taking 90 men delegation to UN while Zim Stock exchange went haywire today

@ReserveBankZIM treasury staff were told not to leave their desks at COB today to process "night disbursements" for Sakunda's command agriculture looting-purse and per diems for Mnangagwa's 90-strong New York delegation to the UN, as the ZWL-US$ exchange rate went haywire today! — Prof Jonathan Moyo (@ProfJNMoyo) September 19, 2019 Read More
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Prof Jonathan Moyo: It’s sad that Minister SB Moyo has forgotten how many of his Zipra & Zapu Cdes were abducted

It's sad that @MinisterSBMoyo has forgotten how many of his Zipra & Zapu Cdes were abducted, tortured & murdered during gukurahundi. Was that by a third force? Does he now have any evidence of a third force confirmed by the judiciary? What's a third force in a military regime? — Prof Jonathan Moyo (@ProfJNMoyo) September 17, 2019 Contrary to… Read More
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Prof Jonathan Moyo drops a bombshell on Zanu PF secrets

says a group called Ferret is involved in the abduction of citizens and some operations done by the security forces in Zimbabwe. Moyo’s statement comes at a time when a Dr Peter Magombeyi was abducted on Saturday at his home by unknown assailants. Senior and Junior dctors have since gone on strike demanding the safe return of Magombeyi. Said Moyo,… Read More
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Jonathan Moyo ‘exposes’ George Charamba

Charamba George Exiled former cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo has alleged that a controversial Twitter account by the name Jamwanda is in fact a moniker of the Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba. During a heated up Twar on Monday Jamwanda said to Moyo, “Whilst you are an acolyte of Machiavelli, you seem to read him upright, grasp him upside-down. No power… Read More