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Parliament doubts Ncube’s growth figures

PARLIAMENT has described Finance minister Mthuli Ncube’s projected economic growth for 3% next year as unrealistic given the acute electricity shortages and drought facing the country. Ncube last month proposed a $636 billion national budget for 2020 where he focused that the economy would bounce back from a -6.5% decline this year. He said the revival would be driven by… Read More
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Long queues form in Harare as Zimbabwe releases new bank notes, coins

HARARE – New bank notes and coins finally hit the streets of Zimbabwe on Tuesday after a false start the day before, with depositors forming long queues at banks and ATMs. The new notes are part of President Emerson Mnangagwa’s monetary reforms to have Zimbabwe revert to using its own currency in place of the US dollar and the rand.… Read More
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Apex Council calls ‘massive protest march’ for November 6 in pay impasse

Union representing 230,000 public sector workers cranks up pressure on government. HARARE – Government workers on Thursday announced plans for a “massive” protest march next week to press for higher wages, as the finance minister said the economy would this year fall into recession for the first time since 2008. Zimbabweans are experiencing daily hardships with the prices of basic… Read More
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When entire salary buys 7kg beef and peanut butter

HARARE – A heavily-built man presses his mobile phone, glares at the screen and shakes his head dejectedly. Two Mazoe orange crush juices, three cartons of zap nax, tasty and flavoured corn treats and biscuits are perched in a shopping trolley inside the one of the country’s largest wholesalers, Mahomed Mussa in Harare. “The prices are unbelievable. That is why… Read More
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Command Agriculture was ‘opaque’, Ncube says as new model announced

New model … Finance Minister Ncube visiting the tobacco auction floors earlier this year HARARE – The government’s Command Agriculture programme was being used as a vehicle to siphon public funds by corrupt individuals and it needs major reform, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said on Monday. Ncube told a post-cabinet briefing that the programme was being implemented in an opaque… Read More