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Street Name changes leave Harare City Council scrambling for answers

HARARE City Council say they are weighing the option of blocking Cabinet’s decision to rename streets, institutions and places. Cabinet on Thursday approved new street names as part of what government officials say are efforts to define the country’s identity, culture and history. Some councilors say according to the Urban Councils Act renaming streets or numbering structures is the local authority’s… Read More
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MDC-run Harare City council acknowledges Mnangagwa presidency

THE Harare City Council has shockingly recognised President Emmerson Mnangagwa as “President”. The local government authority is run by the opposition MDC led by advocate Nelson Chamisa which has since 2018 been refusing to acknowledge Mnangagwa as a legitimate President.The party argues that Mnangagwa in connivance with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission manipulated last year’s presidential elections and robbed its candidate,… Read More