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Video Not suitable for faint heart, watch

#southafrica the oppressed is now the oppressor. Except that they’re oppressing those who stood by them during apartheid! Ignorance, jealousy, and hatred has blinded many and claimed too many innocent lives. Black foreigners do not control the wealth in South Africa, they’re not stealing your jobs; they mostly do menial jobs. I think of those driving by, no one stopped to… Read More
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Video: Thief caught on CCTV camera stealing from car in Harare

The resident appealed to people on social media to help identify the thief. A yet to be identified thief was caught on camera stealing from a car in Westlea, Harare. The resident whose things were stolen posted CCTV footage of the thief breaking into a car and getting away with some property that was in the boot of the car.… Read More
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Video: Inspirational life lessons, watch

You can watch the video below and decide for yourself. We often hear stories of humans swooping in to save each other, but apparently, animals do this too. A viral video appears to show that the four legged inhabitants of Kruger National Park in South Africa are quick to defend one another when a predator is in their midst, but National… Read More