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Mnangagwa vows Zimbabwe will ‘never, never’ dollarise again

‘No progressive nation can progress without its own currency’ HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa vowed on Friday not to revert to using the United States dollar after the Zimbabwe plunged against the greenback since its introduction this year, fuelling inflation and economic hardship. The government ended a decade of dollarisation in June, partly to stem demand for the increasingly scarce… Read More
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Controversial video: Matemadanda plus the President’s own kids work with shady characters.

This guy is a Government Minister appointed by Emmerson Mnangagwa. He is part of the team expected to turn things around with this reasoning! Do you now understand why we are headed nowhere pastor @ShingiMunyeza. Of course things will look very difficult with suck folk in charge pic.twitter.com/GckUCKtwY6 — Hopewell Chin'ono (@daddyhope) September 21, 2019 Pastor @ShingiMunyeza, it is not… Read More