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‘Eat vegetables’ – Mnangagwa tells crowd complaining about meat prices

‘Doctors want you to use vegetables as relish so that you stay strong and in good health’ HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa was confronted by a crowd about the rising cost of meat on Friday, and then drew howls of disapproval after telling residents of Kuwadzana in Harare to eat vegetables instead. Mnangagwa had just participated in a clean-up exercise,… Read More
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Mugabe funeral row over ZW$2,5 million Nyaradzo catering services bill

A ROW has erupted between Zimbabwe government and the former late President Robert Mugabe’s family over payment for catering services that have been provided by Nyaradzo Group, the Zim Morning Post can reveal. This comes on the backdrop of reports that the Mugabe family contracted Nyaradzo Group to provide catering services, equipment, generators, mobile toilets and executive mobile sleepers without government… Read More
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Prices for basic commodities go up 100% in one week

 PRICES of basic commodities have increased by up to 100 percent this week thereby pushing the prices beyond the reach of most consumers. Shops, including big supermarkets, have increased prices of basic goods such as bread, mealie-meal, cooking oil, meat, rice and vegetables among others. A snap survey carried out by The Chronicle in Bulawayo yesterday revealed that prices of… Read More
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Zimbabwe bread price skyrocketing expected to be $30.00 in December

 Zimbabweans must brace for a dark Christmas as the price of commodities co0ntinue to sky rocket yet the salaries remain the same. MDC Secretary General Charlton Hwende took to Twitter to lament the prevailing harsh economic reality affecting Zimbabwe. Said Hwende, “Inflation is now at 723% and the price of bread today is at $10 (Rtgs). Screen shot this by… Read More